Can you name the biggest lottery in the world? If you come from Europe you might think it's one of those transnational lotteries like EuroMillions. What if I told you that you apparently have no idea what a real lottery is? Just as the Americans make everything bigger and badder, so it is with their lotteries. Let me introduce you to Mega Millions Lotto. The jackpot absoultely dwarfs every other lottery on earth with over HALF a BILLION DOLLARS waiting to be claimed. With that kind of money you wouldn't have to settle for a private jet. You could buy yourself a private airliner made of solid gold.

Of course, the catch is that the Mega Millions Lotto is, well... it's in the United States. And unless you have the proper visa, you definitely don't live there. And let's face it. Your summer trip to Disney World won't give you nearly enough chances to take home the jackpot. You never know. But I would venture to say that two weeks in the United States is probably not enough time to get the amount of tickets required to win.

There are workarounds. You could get a friend living in the United States to buy your tickets for you. You would send him or her money through PayPal or whatever, and they would go out and get you your ticket whenever they go get their own ticket. That's one way. Incidentally, it's also a perfectly acceptable way to do it, since it doesn't matter who actually bought the ticket. The ticket holder is the winner. That means that if your friend buys you the winning ticket, all you have to do is fly to the United States and claim your prize.

You're shaking your head, and I know why. You're thinking what anyone is thinking. If your friend is holding the winning ticket for you, your friend could also claim the prize. Half a billion dollars. To you, maybe, that's not worth losing a friend over. But does your friend feel the same way? Is your friendship worth more than half a billion dollars?

There is a better way. There is a bonded proxy service called IceLotto, which essentially does what I just described, but with two crucial differences.

1. It's not your friend buying your ticket. It's a paid agent. 2. The agent isn't holding your ticket in his wallet like your friend would. The ticket has a digital receipt attached to it and ends up in a safe box before the drawing so that if it's the winning ticket only you have access to it. This way, you can fly over to the United States, get your ticket, and claim your prize.

There are also some fringe benefits attached to the service. They provide you with tracking tools in order to help you pick the best numbers. They digitally update you on when the drawing takes place and whether or not you're the winner, so that you don't have to bother remembering yourself. And they make the process as easy as ordering Chinese food delivery from the internet.

The system sounds too good to be true, but it's actually a legitimate and widely accepted way to play a vast range of international lotteries - although I don't know why anyone would bother with any lottery other than the Mega Millions Lotto.